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Back to all news 2018-10-12 How to Spot Disinformation within 2 Minutes in Real Time?

Vaidas Saldžiūnas, Defence Editor and Media Expert on Disinformation, DELFI & Viktoras Daukšas, Director of the Debunk! initiative, Oct. 12, 2018

Election Interference in the Digital Age – European Commission. A Collection of Think Pieces from 35 leading practioners and experts (European Political Strategy Centre)

Disinformation agents already skilfully employ a large spectrum of measures ranging from historical sentiments to the most advanced IT solutions. And it is important to acknowledge that the intentional spreading of false information in order to deceive and to undermine trust in existing models of governance will not slow down and will become even more advanced and more creative.

Countermeasures often prove too slow and too fragmented, and they still rely on an outdated ‘2G’ approach, where the first G stands for Google search (manual monitoring) and the second G for Gut feeling (no data-driven evidence).

What is more, most public institutions come across allegations of attempting to become ‘Ministries of truth’ if they get into debunking.

The problem is complex, and it requires complex solutions — involving both technology and cooperation between multiple parties.

Against this backdrop, the Lithuanian-born initiative Demaskuok! (Debunk! in English) seeks to provide a speedy, independent, transparent and fair solution, with maximum outreach.


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