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Back to all news 2018-09-21 Lithuanians create artificial intelligence with ability to identify fake news in 2 minutes, by Iryna Somer, Sept. 21, 2018

BRUSSELS – Lithuanian specialists say they have invented a new artificial intelligence program which can identify fake news within two minutes. The program can be translated into any language, also in Ukrainian.

Edvinas Kerza, Lithuanian deputy minister of defense, told the Kyiv Post about the development in Brussels on Sept. 20.

“This artificial intelligence ‘eats’ all news from all news portals, also Russian, and analyzes the texts, looks for fake news, documents. It takes around two minutes. After that, it passes the analysis to the so-called ‘elfs,’ professionals. Based on their assessment, a text can be automatically defined if it is fake or not and then this information goes to news portals,” Kerza explained in general how it works.


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