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About Debunk EU

“Debunk EU” is an independent technological analytical centre and an NGO, whose main task is to research disinformation in the public space and execute educational media literacy campaigns. By using artificial intelligence, “Debunk EU” carries out detailed research on disinformation in the Baltic states and also works on joint projects with their partners in the United States and North Macedonia. “Debunk EU” initiative has also received praise from international media giants, such as “The Financial Times”, “The Economist”, and “The Independent”. The organisation has introduced their work in 17 countries so far, including the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Serbia and others.

Regretfully, the world-wide response to disinformation is still too slow, too fragmented and relying on an outdated 2G approach, where the first G stands for Google search (manual monitoring) and second G – for Gut feeling (no data-based evidence).

Because the problem is complex, it requires complex solutions.  and has it all: the analytic tool driven by multiple AIs that spots and identifies disinformation within 2 minutes from real time, civil society of elves and journalists who verify claims and competing newsrooms that seek for maximum outreach. With all of those components combined, we strive towards building a better-informed society, which in the long run also becomes more resilient.


The unity of the main media sources in Lithuania (which cover 90% of the Lithuanian population) is our power, as well as elves and the representatives of the state, who are connected and work on the platform together fighting against disinformation in real time.

Demaskuok JĖGA

Suvienytos pagrindinės Lietuvos žiniasklaidos priemonės, informuojančios 90 % Lietuvos piliečių. Žiniasklaidos, elfų* ir valstybės, susitelkimas ir aktyvi veikla platformoje, kovojant su dezinformacija esamu laiku, pasitelkiant modernius įrankius.

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